And so it begins…

So yesterday I mapped out my official training schedule for my first half marathon. I’ve been slowly easing myself back into a routine of walking and adding in some running as much as I can. I’m easing up the distances and trying to get ready so I won’t quit this time. I’m anxious to get started but also a little nervous. 

When making my schedule I tried to account for my own strengths and weaknesses, as well as my habits and preferences, to be sure it’s a schedule I can stick to. I’m giving myself a year to prepare, so there’s plenty of wiggle room if I really do need it, or if I end up pushing myself hard and want to try to run an earlier race. I know I don’t enjoy the cold, and that it’ll be a stretch for me to run at ALL in the colder months, but I allowed for that in my schedule, so that I just keep running a consistent 3-4 mile distance throughout the cold months, something I could do easily on a treadmill if I have to.

Speaking of the cold… I think I’ll go buy some cold-weather running gear now… I mean, it’s a reasonable investment, right? ;)

As much as I’ve come to love a good run, I also am a huge fan of yoga. I’m someone that is fairly anxious and high energy all the time and yoga and running both have different ways of centering me and helping me relax. I love this sequence of poses to do before your run which help you to warm up your body a little bit as well as stretch and align you to help prevent injuries. Have you tried integrating yoga in to your run? 


Spent my 4th hiking with my mom at Natural Bridge. I got to wear my favorite shirt, which was given to me by the guys at Print-Proxy ( and I seriously die over it. Its so comfy and fits great. Light enough for summer workouts, too! Not to mention I get so excited to wear it because it’s freaking hilarious. Check out their site for a plethora of great gear.

Protip: wearing fun shirts makes you have more fun. Bonus: It makes people around you have more fun too. I made lots of new friends today. ;)

Now, go have some apple pie… After your run! Happy Birthday, ‘Merica!

Disclaimer/disclosure: I was given items to review. Any and all opinions are my own.